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Yoni eggs

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Yoni Eggs

Number: 3 eggs

Size: 4,5 x 3 cm, 4 x 2,5 cm, 3 x 2 cm

Size: L, M, S

Material: 100% natural Amethyst Crystal without chemical and artificial additives


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Manufacturer: Chakra


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The chakra eggs (yoni eggs) are semiprecious stones cut to a specific egg shape of various sizes used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and cultivate sexual energy. The word "yoni" comes from Sanskrit and refers to female genitalia as "sacred place".

The Yoni Egg isn’t just an exquisite accessory that will add charm to your night stand. It isn’t just a great tool for kegel exercises, or a way to maintain health, have better orgasms and more fulfilling sex. The Yoni Egg is an ancient, sacred tool for spiritual transformation:

Increase libido and awaken your sensuality.

Increase natural lubrication at any age!

Develop an intimate and loving relationship with your yoni, your entire body, and ultimately yourself.

Increase sensitivity during intercourse.

Become much more orgasmic.

Some moms use yoni eggs to assist in after birth recovery.

Gain control over the vaginal muscles and rock your lover’s world.

Enhance your Tantra, Qigong, and yoga practice.

Some women that use yoni eggs report a reduction of PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps and the duration of the menses.

Improve overall health and well-being


How to choose your first Yoni Egg?

Ideally it is a set of 3 yoni eggs – large, medium and small in natural crystal. With a set, you can start with a large egg and gradually work your way down in size, or use different sizes on different days.

It might sound a little counterintuitive – when using Yoni Egg most of the time we will start our practice with a larger egg and as our dexterity grows, we will go down in size. The larger the egg the easier it is for us to feel and for the muscles to grip it. Although the larger the egg the heavier it is, so it gets harder to keep it in for long periods of time. If you cannot keep the egg in at first, do not get discouraged, it is completely normal for beginners – start practicing while laying down or sitting up.

Small eggs are not for petite women, they are recommended for advanced practitioners who desire to experiment with different sizes of the egg, and sometimes small eggs are being used in pairs. The smaller the egg the more muscle dexterity is required to feel and to hold it inside.

Important – Do not practice with a Yoni Egg if you are pregnant or right after childbirth.  A Yoni egg can be a wonderful practice to start postpartum, just make sure to consult your doula, midwife or doctor before you start.


What Crystal?

Choosing a right crystal is important and will add to your practise with Yoni Eggs.

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones for jewellery and the one most associated with crystal healing. Amethyst stones are natural stress relievers that rid negative energy and encourage inner strength and Chakra balancing. The origin of the mineral is from Asia.

Please keep in mind that Chakra are real semiprecious stones and everyone is a handmade original with all its individuality, unique structure, color and particles inside, which are not defects but a natural part of the mineral.

CARE:  Gently wash the crystal Yoni Eggs with organic or chemical free soap before the first use and after each use.