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Wooden dildo

€90 / pcs
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Length: 21 cm

Thickness: 3,9 cm

Size: L

Material: wood / walnut

Surface treatment: BIO linseed oil and ECO waterproof varnish satin gloss

Pocket: French 100% cotton

Manufacturer: Satyr Love

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The photo of the product is not illustrative, you get exactly the piece you are looking at :)

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Category: Vibrators and Dildos

Product shape: 

This beautiful and elegant erotic toy is made for ladies who prefer gentle erotic stimulation and body-harmonious shape. 

Surface treatment:

BIO linseed oil and varnish of European production with EN71-3: 2013 certificate, which meets the strictest environmental standards and is also suitable for sensitive skin. This highly durable surface treatment was applied and polished in several layers to give a soft and glossy finish.

Multiple varnish application emphasizes the beauty of wood patterns and creates a layer highly resistant to liquids. Surface treatment is waterproof, you can use water based lubricant.

The maintenance of wooden erotic aids is as simple as those made of silicone, just rise it with soapy water after use. The advantage of wooden erotic toys is that this material adapts very quickly to the temperature of the human body. In addition, the temperature can be kept longer than in the other widely used materials and so it will give you a feeling of perfect harmony with nature.

ECO: We are an artistic studio that creates beautiful design pieces for you, created by traditional methods used already during Antique times. Satyr Love is a 100% European product made from natural and ecological materials. The materials we have used to produce Satyr Love, also come from Europe. 



  • It is important for us to that our products, as well as their packaging, are made of natural materials.
  • We want to give things a second chance. Therefore, the decorative box is made of recycled paper. In the box you will find a handmade elegant French cotton pocket. Thanks to its breathability, it is the best option for storing your art dildo Satyr Love.



Packages are 100% discrete

We appreciate your interest in our products and we are pleased that you show us your confidence by purchasing in our e-shop. We realize that the erotic assortment we are shipping to you is an intimate and private matter, so we do our best to keep it between us.

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The package does not contain any information, stickers or texts that could reveal or indicate the nature of the goods. It is labelled with only the delivery address, the sender's address, and other mandatory information required for the correct and prompt delivery of the goods. The following figure shows the package labelling.

Packaging package

We pack ordered erotic toys depending on the size and character of the toy in cartons. Each package is secured against unintentional opening by several layers of adhesive tape, which cannot be opened without being damaged.