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G - Spot Clitoral Stimulator - Pixie

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Vibration Patterns: 10

Long battery life gives 2+ hours


Colour: Pink

Size: 6,35 cm x 10,16 cm 

Size:  M

Material:  100% Body Safe Silicone / FDA approved silicone in all of our products. 



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Pixie’s flexible twin wings and 10 vibration modes playfully massage the clitoris, bringing you to the ultimate magical place. Whether you're stressed from a long day or just looking for a pick me up, the magical wings will lift you to a new pleasure zone.

❤ SMALL, QUIET, AND POWERFUL! – Pixie fits in the palm of your hand, is whisper quiet, and has 10 impressively powerful settings! Who would have thought something so small would be so spirited!
❤ LIFETIME WARRANTY - Sweet Vibrations is all about making you happy. Our top-notch customer service team is at the ready to help with whatever you need. Simply drop us a line at and we'll take care of you.
❤ SHIPS FAST AND DISCRETE – We value your privacy. Pixie ships in an unmarked package. Your secret is safe with us!
❤RECHARGEABLE, WATERPROOF, 100% BODY SAFE: Pixie is a breeze to charge, giving 2 hours+ of uninterrupted, stress relieving fun. No need to spend extra money on batteries for your Pixie; she comes with everything she needs!
❤THE PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION: Pixie includes a discreet travel case, so you can bring her on all of your adventures, including the bath or shower!

Pixie Vibrator

Pixie is here to grant you a wish

What is she? Mythical, magical, and mischievous, Pixie is a waterproof, rechargeable silicone vibrator that provides incredible sensations where it feels best. The unique shape provides plenty of angles to use to hit just the right spot.

Some say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”, but pixie begs to differ. Some of the best orgasms come from stimulating the clitoris, or as pixie would say, “It’s what’s on the outside that matters”

If it’s solo or with a partner, we’re sure you’ll love playing with pixie

Pixie Vibrator

How Does It Work?
Pixie’s flexible twin wings and 10 vibration modes playfully massage the clitoris, bringing you to the ultimate magical place. There are many ways you can use the pixie, but here are a few of our favorites:

Place both tips on either side of the clit
Use your (or your partner's) fingers to move the flexible wings and add pressure when it feels right
Use the edges for a more a intense sensation while massaging one side of the clit or the other
Use the rounded sides for a silky smooth feel
This little gem is sure to be your playful secret. An easy to use power lock acts as a safety, so she won’t turn on as you’re going through airport security. Simply hold down the power button for 3 seconds to unlock pixie and turn her on and press it again to find the setting that's right for you

Pixie Vibrator
Small & Discrete, Ready for Travel
Pixie is small and discreet, but don’t underestimate her, she casts a powerful, stress relieving spell

Unlike bulky dildos or large vibrators, the small size of the pixie makes it easy to operate with just one hand.

It’s the perfect clit massager for couples or solo, and it includes an unmarked travel case so pixie can join on all of your adventures
Pixie Vibrator Sex Toy Body Safe Silicone Couples Solo Dildo Rabbit Bullet Rechargeable Waterproof

Rechargeable, Waterproof, 100% Body Safe Silicone
All pixies love water and ours is no different. She is 100% waterproof, so she’s safe to bring along for shower or bath adventures

No need to worry about the magic power running out; this mythical creature is fully rechargeable and goes for up to 2.5 hours of uninterrupted fun

Pixie is 100% Body safe and easy to clean. We only use top-of-the-line, silky soft, FDA approved silicone in all of our products.

Pixie Vibrator

Experience Incredible Orgasms!
Pixie is waiting for you! She'll massage you and leave you relaxed and ready to take on the day

This magical little pixie will live forever with our forever satisfaction pledge. Drop our team a line if you need anything at all