Satyr Love is a new brand in the field of original erotic toys behind which you can find more than you think.


In the first place, you would find us, two cheerful girls, Lena and Cate.

We have known each other for years as we are both from the art field and previously we worked together on various interesting projects. So one day we did the decision to establish together an art studio.

Our life has changed graduation party of our friend Denise. Denise just graduated from the University of Medicine and started her first work as a gynecologist. For the occasion we have had a great idea to give her handmade art dildo!

Our first dildo was a beautiful piece from ash wood and it was a great success.

Other our friends were interested and they would like to have some wooden dildo too, so we started to design and produce...  

Gradually, we contacted other artists to collaborate and began working on Satyr Love brand as you know it from 2016.

For a long time, we were thinking about the brand name itself. We wanted to express our love for art, history and ecology. Satyr is a character of Greek mythology, an ancient symbol of sex and eroticism, loving music and living in the middle of the forest.

So this is the short story of Satyr Love but I would like to say something more about us yet.


I'm Lena, chatty and cheerful, believe in love and I have a big passion for work with wood.  I've been spending most of my childhood time in the workshop of my grandfather who was woodcarver. He taught me a lot of things and I remember he still accentuated that beauty lies in the elaboration of the details.

Cate is a tireless traveller, a nature lover, a warrior for women's equality and, over all, an artist. Design and ecology are the most important things for her.

Even though we are different, we both love art, nature and beauty, what we try to embed into Satyr Love erotic products.


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