About us

Satyr Love is an art studio and exclusive natural sex shop which offers you products of the highest quality. All our products are ecologic and have passed rigorous hygiene and health tests. In our shop you can find unique sexual toys that are made from environmentally friendly materials that are absolutely health-conscious.

Despite the use of traditional materials and technologies we recognize the current design and ensure that the products are not only beautiful, but that they bring pleasure and satisfaction to every woman. Every piece manufactured by Satyr Love is an original - created manually with unique drawing and unrepeatable color shades.

You can rely on our confidentiality and have the chosen one delivered even directly to your office. The package does not contain any information, stickers or texts that could reveal or suggest the intimate nature of the product. It is marked with the shipping address and sender's address only.



Packages are 100% discrete

We appreciate your interest in our products and we are pleased that you show us your confidence by purchasing in our e-shop. We realize that the erotic assortment we are shipping to you is an intimate and private matter, so we do our best to keep it between us.

Package labelling:

The package does not contain any information, stickers or texts that could reveal or indicate the nature of the goods. It is labelled with only the delivery address, the sender's address, and other mandatory information required for the correct and prompt delivery of the goods. The following figure shows the package labelling.

Packaging package:

We pack ordered erotic toys depending on the size and character of the toy in cartons. Each package is secured against unintentional opening by several layers of adhesive tape, which cannot be opened without being damaged.


Why Traditional Materials?

The market is filled with plastic and silicone erotic toys, but many of them do not comply with the health standards – honoring exceptions. Such products can release phthalates and other toxic substances into the body, that is why you must be careful and verify the manufacturer and the materials used.

Our wooden dildos have a certified finish with ecological varnishes based on natural resins and bio oils. For each product you will find a precise description of the certificate. The wood is cut to several stages up to the AAA fineness. Surface finishing on this crafted wood ensures perfect smoothness and silky fineness.

Ceramic dildos are repeatedly baked using health-conscious clay and glazes, which guarantees the strength and durability of the product. The surface glaze, which is chosen to be suitable for intimate use, creates an extremely smooth surface that is pleasant to touch. You will appreciate this erotic toy for its easy maintenance and that it can be also used with a lubricant based on both water and oil.

Our products are 100% Made in Europe. They are made for you by European artists from European materials. We ensure that all materials are health-conscious and environmentally friendly. The product is wrapped in a recycled paper box with a handmade pocket made from pure French cotton.


Why Dildo?

Sexologists agree that too frequent use of vibrators can cause chronic insensitivity and weaken a woman's ability to orgasm naturally. This result is quite unpleasant, sometimes irreversible. Dildo gives you the ability to determine the intensity and speed of stimulation leading to perfect climax. The shapes of our erotic toys are designed to give you a wide range of options ranging from clitoral stimulation to G-point stimulation.


Why Satyr Love?

There is no answer to this question which would not contain us self-praising .... but maybe .... We are women who make products for you with love. We draw and invent every day until late hours, and you know what? It is making us happy :D ... We want this positive energy to be reflected on our products and through them on you – so you can be women who are happy and always smiling.